Implementation Today

Since Reinhard von Kirchbach passed away in 1998 his concern is attracting increasing interest within the Church. Headliners comment his significance. Individual people discover his scriptures and are living with them – sometimes they internalize a single text  by wich they have been struck. In honour of him Companions authored the book  “Ich glaube den interreligiösen Dialog – Zugänge zu Leben und Wirken des Wegbereiters Reinhard von Kirchbach” (“I believe the interreligious dialogue – approach to life and influence of the pioneer Reinhard von Kirchbach”). Some of the earlier partners and new ones continued working together during several short meetings, completed in 2013 by a week in Cessy, Swizerland.

In 2010 a number of members of the German Protestant North Church convened to deal with von Kirchbachs spiritual heritage. They tried to pick it up for their own benefit and searched for ways and means to communicate it to others. Commemorating the 100th  anniversary of von Kirchbachs birth in May 1913  and administrated by the “Christian Jensen Kolleg” in Breklum they organized three conferences in the years 2012 to 2013. During the German Protestant Church Assembly 2013 in Hamburg one could see an exibition and a power point präsentation about his life and influence and visit a worship with texts from him. On the occasion of the publication of his collected scriptures  2013 in Schleswig the lecture “Reinhard von Kirchbach – ein Prophet aus Schleswig” (Reinhard von Kirchbach – a prophet from Schleswig) gave an introduction into the spiritual and the theological fundamentals of his thinking, his theorya and praxis of inerreligious dialogue and his relavance for the todays world. .

Meanwile the dialogue partners each one are continously developing forward the collective concern in their own way in their home countries.

Since 2015 Friedrich von Kirchbach (son of Reinhard) every year in late summer invites old and new dialogue partners for five days to his domain La Garde in France for meetings titled “Everyday Spirituality …’and art’ or ‘and economy’ or ‘and food’ or …”  This meetings don’t copy Reinhards model but are inspired by it. 

All what can be refered about the ‘implementation today’ and what is documented and published and what is planed should be findable by help of the menue points at the right sinde