Further development

In 2012 Detlef Görrig, then responsible for the Christian – Muslim Dialogue in the North Church asked  in Breklum:

 Did RvK  perhaps not stay ahead of time in every respect, but may have been surpassed by the time in some relations?

Yes, what else could we have expected? Reinhard von Kirchbach has to teach us a lot – even today – but we shouldn’t copy him. His approach has to be developed further. We have to listen to others too and to dare new steps and to gain new insights. About this we hope to refer by and by. 

Types of periodic interreligious encounters in Neumünster and Flensburg: RvK was still alive when in 1994 in Neumünster “Muslim and Christian conversation” with monthly  meetings were constituted. Read the essay “Moslems und Christen im Gespräch” (German) und the lecture “Referat zum 20 Jubiläum.” (German). Both meetings don’t exist today.
In Flensburg since 2006 the once a year meetings in November called “Friedensfühler” (peace sensor) are influenced by R. v. Kirchbachs interreligious spirituality. In the afternoon German and Danish Christians, Jews and Muslims are walking  from a Church to a Mosque and to a congregation hall for prayers and a light meal. By this they are mutually visiting one another.
In an other way the Nachmittag der Begegnung der Kulturen und Religionen an den Pfingstmontagen” (Afternoon of encounter of cultures and religions at Pentecost monday) assembles believers from immigrant congregations and local communities. This happens sice 13 years in the Christuskirche Mürwik in Flensburg. They pray, sing, tell, show, chat and dance. 

The “Lived interreligious Dialogue” is further developing. The meeting in May 2013 in Cessy, France/Swizerland was a look back and forward. The result you find here in Englisch, called “Joint Statement” and in German, called “Gemeinsame Erklärung”. The former Dialogue meetings with Reinhard von Kirchbach are evaluated and proposals for further development in future are presented. 
Based on this in the years from 2015 to 2018 Friedrich von Kirchbach (Son) and his wife Margareta invited  “La Garde” invited for four days meetings. They should be understood as a new begin and not as a continuation. 2015 Michael Möbius gave a lecture concerning  “Looking for a spirituality facing the climate change”. 2016 the participants collected their thouhts about an “Everyday Spirituality” in a sort of mobile: “For our Everyday Spirituality Mobile” (English – German). The  Qaker partner Edward Dommen answered like this: “Everyday spirituality, how do I go about it?” and Friedrich von  Kirchbach: “How I define Everyday spirituality for me” . Since 2015 “veryday spirituality” is the main topic, each year compleated by a special subject like “nature” (2016), “art” (2017), “economic behaviour” (2018) and “food” (2019). About La Garde find more: http://www.domainedelagarde.fr/