Interreligious Dialogue

To Reinhard von Kirchbach, the interreligious dialogue is an aspect of faith, that´s particularly important in modern times:

“The dialogue from faith, following Jesus without restrictions, is the commandment of love.”

Without the faith of others, he can neither comprehend himself nor is he able to find god:

“I need my neighbour from the other religion and my neighbour needs me. The ministry of god, however, lives in everything.”

An intermixture of the religions can not be the goal of an honest dialogue. You agree to live together “unmingled; not able to be separated; bonded; enriching one another; advancing and evoluting” during the gatherings. To do that, all partners need a lot of endurance:

“Some may see me as hopelessly optimistic. But this project is like an apple tree: It needs to be planted and be cared for and protected for years until you can expect a yield.”

Not during sessions, conferences or congresses did Reinhard von Kirchbach live his dialogue, but during three to eight week long gatherings in different countries. The, mostly, constant participants were inviting to their home countries. This lead to an intensive, often every day way of living together and to a process of advancing understanding between each other.

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