Partners of the Dialogue

Short portraits of the partners

Here, all partners that were majorly involved in one or more of the 14 gatherings of the dialogue, are introduced by listing the gatherings they participated in and their published works.

Partners  w r i t e about Reinhard von Kirchbach

Following, you can find those memories from companions and partners of the dialogue concerning the life and work of Reinhard von Kirchbach thart exist in English. These memories together with more in German can be found in the book “Ich glaube den Interreligiösen Dialog”, edited by Hans-Christoph Goßmann and Michael Möbius, Traugott Bautz Verlag, Nordhausen 2008. In 2018 the Buddhist Dialogue Partner Deepal Sooriyaarachchi from Sri Lanka published in English the until now most detailed report of the encounter with Reinhard von Kirchbach and the lived intereligious dialogue. See below at Deepals name.

  • Mehdi Razvi
    “This Wonderful Door”
  • Govindh Bharathan
    “Reinhard, a man for all seasons” 
  • Olande Ananda
    “He wanted to overcome misconceptions in himself”
  • Olande Ananda, “Travails of a flying Dutchman” (pages 46 – 49: Inducted to Interreligous Dialogue) 
  • Deepal Sooriyaarachchi
    “I listened to the teachings of Buddha under the cross “
  • Deepal Sooriyaarachchi 
    “Living Together” – take part in an unique experience, an experiment aimed at getting people from different faiths to live together while practicing their own beliefs intimately. Colombo 2018, 416 pages
  • Mahmood Rashid
    “This was Reinhard, a Mystic and a great Sufi of our time ” 
  • Katrin Binder
    “Trips along the ‘Chain around the World'”
  •  Michael Möbius
    “I believe in the Dialogue” – Reinhard von Kirchbachs legacy for the Church – an Essay in honour of Dr. Joachim Wietzke
  • Hans-Christoph Goßmann
    Believe the others, Experience with Reinhard von Kirchbach´s approach to interreligious dialogue

Many other persons that were not involved in the dialogue but had deep conversations with Reinhard, have written about Reinhard von Kirchbach. You can find the German writings of Peter Adams, Dietrich Heyde, Otto von Campenhausen, Hans-Christian Knuth / Redlef Neubert-Stegemann, Olaf Schumann und Joachim Wietzke at the menu “Books & Writings” under “Books  a b o u t  him”.