Reinhard von Kirchbach

Reinhard von KirchbachThe life of Reinhard von Kirchbach spans 85 years – he was born in 1913, one year before World War I erupted, and died in 1998, the year after the UN´s first Kyoto-protocol to fight climate change.

As a Theologian, pastor and finally provost in Schleswig-Holstein he developed an independent theology. He didn´t describe it with a system, but wrote it down as he experienced it within his daily prayer and reflection. You can find this “Theology within prayer” in his “Books&Writings” (see there). The submenu “Theology” – on your right — contains some significant theological texts. Once they are available, evaluations of his theology will be found at “Implementation today”.

Since his retirement and until his death, his life was focused around his project of a lived interreligious dialogue. With that, he was, in his own way, a pioneer in the protestant North Church in Germany. Those who want to know how he led the dialogue, what identified his understanding of the dialogue and how his intense life led him there (Saxon nobility, war, priest`s office, inner conflicts) can look towards “Who he was, what he wanted”, “Vita” and by navigating to “Interreligious dialogue”.

A series of people from the protestant North Church examine Kirchbach´s spiritual legacy, deal with it personally and wish to pass it on to others. At “Implementation today” you can find some of their projects, writings and contributions to this cause.

Reinhard von Kirchbach Reinhard von Kirchbach