A biography of Reinhard von Kirchbach has not been written yet. Who would be able to do this? Those who knew him best have either passed or do not feel up to the task. Were they too close? Who can start with this important project? Is anyone able to find the right person? There remain some people who could be interviewed and unpublished material that is waiting to be examined. Here you can find:

Here is a selection of milestones in his life:

13th of May 1913 Birth of Reinhard in Berlin-Lichterwalde. Mother: Sibylla von Kirchbach, née von der Planitz; father: Arndt von Kirchbach, army officer
1913 – 1919 The family lives in Dresden, Kaiserstr. 2. During the war, father Arndt is German army officer on the Western front and in Turkey
1919 Death of his mother Sibylla. Father Arndt moves with his two children to his parents in Dresden and takes up his studies of theology in Greifswald and Leipzig
1921 Father Arndt marries Esther née von Carlowitz, whom Reinhard loves dearly
1933 – 1939 Graduation, voluntary service, university studies of theology in Marburg, Tübingen and Leipzig
1939 University graduation in theology. Assistant pastor in Hamburg. At the outbreak of the war, Reinhard volunteers for the air force and participates in the attack of Russia
1944 Wedding with Margarete née Gräfin von Zech-Burkersroda
1947 Final theological exam in Kiel
As of 1948 Work as voluntary pastor for prisoners of war in the UK and in Egypt
As of 1949 Pastor in Schinkel, close to Kiel
As of 1959 Pastor in Gettorf, close to Kiel
As of 1966 Provost in Schleswig
1975 Death of Margarete
As of 1976 Retirement. Move to Altenhof in the country side close to Kiel
1980 – 1995 Fourteen inter-religious dialog meetings in Germany, Sri Lanka, India, Israel, Pakistan, Japan, France and Indonesia
1982 Wedding with Benita née von Scharnweber-Kegel
1998 Reinhard dies in Altenhof at the age of 84