Who Reinhard von Kirchbach was; what his purpose was

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Pioneer of conversations between the religions // Background, education, theology // The Second World War // Husband, vicar, provost // Personal vocation // The journey to interreligious dialogue // Prayer, understanding, writing // The project of interreligious dialogue // Special features of the “living interreligious dialogue” // An end and a beginning

Pioneer of conversation between the religions

For the Evangelische Kirche in Deutschland, Reinhard von Kirchbach became one of the pioneers of conversation between the religions. In the process he chose an independent, relatively lonely path along which he was able to open internal and external doors. From within his own faith and with the help of those whom he met he was able to approach the sources of faith of others on a profound level. Thus it came about that some Hindus, Buddhists and Muslims felt more intimate ties with him than they had with members of their own religion.

Among the Lutheran theologians of his church von Kirchbach was on the one hand considered a deserter; on the other, he always remained in contact with his bishops and colleagues in the Nordelbische Kirche. Some of them followed him and accompanied him on his journey willing to learn. Others distrusted what he did and said. Thus his concerns were taken up only to a limited extent in his lifetime.

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